Friday, January 20, 2017

2017 Sea Turtle Nest Patrol- Resource Page

Welcome to the Sea Turtle Nest Patrol resource page!

We have compiled all of the information you will need to participate in this year's patrol.

Below are links to STP documents, as well as other important on-line information.Check here for scheduled 
Patrol Dates/Times/Routes:

Patrol Check In/ Check Out: (409) 392-4260
Be sure to CHECK IN before starting your Patrol and CHECK OUT after completing your route.  Please Text When Possible.

End of Season Photos

2017 Sea Turtle Patrol Calendar

Sea Turtle Patrol Log- ONLINE
PLEASE submit a patrol log after you have completed your patrol!

Sea Turtle Patrol Log PDF
Submitting a hard copy patrol log? Download/print copies here.

2017 Sea Turtle Patrol Routes
Not sure of your route? Click here for directions.

YouTube Videos of UTV Operation
There are several videos for each location that will walk you through UTV use and operation.

2017 UTV Operation Manual
Information on UTV and operation.

Questions to Report
Questions to ask and answer when reporting a sighting.

Sea Turtle Tracks
Guide to identify sea turtle tracks.

2017 Sea Turtle Patrol Parking Pass
Please display this form in your vehicle's dash while out on patrol.

Sea Turtle Nesting Data Sheet
Copies will be provided in the backpacks and filled out by the responder team.

2017 Sea Turtle Patrol Contact Card
Important contact information and additional instructions. 

Please make sure you have turned in both Liability Waivers.
TIRN Liability Waiver

A&M Liability Waiver

For additional information please contact:
Joanie Steinhaus Gulf of Mexico Program Director 
Email: Joanie@SeaTurtles.Org

Theresa Morris Volunteer Coordinator

Turtle Island Restoration Network
Sea Turtle Restoration Project
2228 Broadway, Galveston, TX 77550
Office: (409) 795-8426